Damn Good Year

Wow. That’s the best way to begin this post. The end of 2014 was more than we could have wished for, and we are incredibly excited for what we have planned for 2015. That being said, we decided that this year is going to be OUR year. More than that, it’s going to be a DAMN GOOD YEAR!

Our fun and fantastic guest blogger, Camille Sparkman, is back for her take on what it means to be Damn Good:

Frankly my Dear, it’s Damn Good Coffee.

If you’re below the Mason-Dixon line, this is the only way to begin your day. We here at Cute Booze just got in a fabulous new line that’s quite simply Damn Good. No, literally, it’s really “Damn Good.”

damn good coffee

“Damn Good Coffee.” “Damn Good Time.” “Damn Good Wine.” “Damn Good Drink.”  So when you’re channeling your inner Rhett Butler (How’s that for new feminism?) and need a caffeine fix, or a cocktail, be sure to grab something that’s Damn Good.

damn good wine good_time_cocktail_napkins good_wine_cocktail_napkins good_drink_frost_flex_F143081

We don’t expect our Cute Boozers to settle for mediocrity. We don’t expect you to even settle for good. It’s gotta be Damn Good.



~Megan & Bonnie


Facebook Happy Hour Christmas Party

happy hour flash sale2

Bonnie and I are having a blast at our Facebook Happy Hour Christmas Party! We have a new special every 30 minutes to help you finish your Christmas shopping, or purchase something fun for yourself! We have HUGE markdowns and are offering 2-for-1 specials and LAST CALL for items that are almost gone. The party continues until 3am Tuesday morning (for our West Coast followers), so grab your favorite beverage and shop away!


21 Big-Batch Cocktails To Get Your Family Drunk On Thanksgiving

“Beer and Wine Only” is no way to deal with a room full of hungry relatives.

1. Fall Sangria

Fall Sangria

A sweet, spiced punch that will go down way too easily. Recipe here.

2. Cider Rum Punch

Cider Rum Punch

Recipe here.

3.Rosemary Baby

Rosemary Baby

Recipe here.

4. Spiced Blood Orange Champagne Punch

Orange Champagne

Star anise and cinnamon are what make this seasonally appropriate. Recipe here.

5. Amaretto Bourbon Punch

Amaretto Bourbon

Recipe here.

6. Evening in Kingston

Evening Kingston

After the hundredth inquiry about your relationship status, you’ll want a cocktail made with four kinds of booze and nothing else. Recipe here.

7. Pink Champagne Punch

Pink Champagne

For when you know it’s “time to stop drinking” but you just don’t want to. Recipe here.

8. Apple Brandy Hot Toddies

Apple Brandy

Recipe here.

Click here to view more delicious recipes.

Blog credited to Buzzfeed.com and Christine Byrne


Celebrating the Art of Drinking

Happy Thursday Cute Boozers!  To celebrate the beginning of the weekend we have a guest post from honorary Cute Boozer Camille Sparkman.  Bottoms up to a fabulous weekend!

Celebrating the Art of Drinking

There are countless theories on what defines art: “A discovery and development of elementary principles…into beautiful forms,” (Frank Lloyd Wright) “An expression or application of human creative skill and imagination,” (Wikipedia) or “…when one person expresses feelings by certain external indications” (Tolstoy).

But here at Cute Booze, we share Elbert Hubbard’s philosophy of art. “Art is not a thing. It is a way.” (1908)

Cute Booze celebrates the art of drinking by promoting the quality of drinking alcohol instead of the quantity. When a woman drinks, it is the journey that is to be celebrated. The crispness of a cold Chardonnay. The slight sweetness of a good Sangria. The warmth of an afternoon sun. The spiciness of a good rum. The laughter of friendships. The journey or way of the drink is what one must savor and enjoy. After all, it was the art of drinking, not the art of being drunk, that is to be celebrated. And, like all good art, perhaps the most sought-after quality is its uniqueness. Once there’s too much it becomes common. And let’s face it, when something’s common, it’s cheap.

So unless you want to feel like a disjointed Picasso, celebrate the art of drinking the Cute Booze way…. wisely.